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Save on your hotel - hotels.altextravel.com
Save on your hotel - hotels.altextravel.com


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Compare prices among leading airlines, travel agencies and best airfares in terms of Wide Variety as we are working with over 728 airlines, 200 agencies + travel websites and using 5 different booking systems — from low-cost to long-haul. Try our Super Search advanced system options and filters so you can find exactly what you need. Or else try our Fair Price offers, hence the reason what you see on search results is exactly the same as the final amount you will pay.

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    Ibiza (Catalan: Eivissa) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. It is 150 kilometres (93 miles) from the city of Valencia. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. Its largest settlements are Ibiza Town (Catalan: Vila d’Eivissa, or simply Vila), Santa…

  • Bora Bora

    French Polynesia

    Bora Bora

    French Polynesia

    Bora Bora is a 30.55 km2 (12 sq mi) island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean. The main island, located about 230 kilometres (143 miles) northwest of Papeete, is surrounded by a lagoon and a…

  • Venice




    Venice (ˈvɛnɪs, VEN-iss; Italian: Venezia, [veˈnɛttsja]; Venetian: Venesia, [veˈnɛsja]) is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, of which there are 400. The islands are located in the shallow Venetian…

  • London

    United Kingdom


    United Kingdom

    London (ˈlʌndən) is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. It was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium. London’s ancient core, the City…



Immerse yourself into the trip of your life!

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Quality and service go hand-in-hand. We go above and beyond to ensure these two hallmarks are met at every step of your journey. To help achieve these core values, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are consistently seeking new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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From first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, we are with you. You will know your personal travel consultant both by name and by face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally and go through the entire trip.

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Since we began, we’ve created unforgettable travel experiences in all the region for thousands of clients from all over the world. That’s down to the quality of our people. Our staff have extensive and firsthand knowledge of the region and are passionate about what they do.

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It is vital to us that you have a memorable and authentic experience with our holidays. In line with the expectations we have for our staff, we select only local suppliers that are friendly, reputable and have in-depth local and global knowledge.

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Organizing your own holiday can be a stressful task. Let us do the work for you! By choosing Altex Travel and our partners, you can save time and hassle by booking all of your itinerary services directly with a specialized local agency.

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Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Our experienced travel experts have the resources at hand to make your dream holiday a reality. Give us a chance thou.

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